Family Based Immigration

Where Can I Find A Family Immigration Lawyer Orlando Residents Trust?

When seeking a family based immigration lawyer Orlando residents can depend on, it’s best to look for a law firm that’s for immigrants by immigrants.

Whether you’re seeking help with asylum, the green card process, or naturalization, Orlando Immigration Law Firm is the law firm for family immigration to use.

Experienced Family Based Immigration Lawyers

The family based immigration lawyers of Orlando Immigration Law Firm understands how important it is to unite families through immigration.

Our law firm was created for immigrants by immigrants because we understand the patience and determination necessary to navigate the immigration process. Our lawyers are experienced in all aspects of the family immigration process to help you determine the best possible option for you and your family.

Each family immigration case is unique, which is why we personalize our representation to fit the circumstances of your case to ensure the best possible outcome.

Receive Assistance With Filing An Immigrant Petition

Those who are U.S. citizens can file an immigrant petition to bring their family members to the United States. You may file an immigrant petition for the following people:

  • Your parents
  • Your spouse
  • Your sibling
  • Your adult child (married or unmarried)
  • Your minor child
  • Your adoptive or step child (with restrictions)
  • Your fianc√©/e

If you’re a green card holder, you may be able to petition for certain family members to reside in the U.S. including your spouse, adult unmarried child, and minor child.

The family based immigration lawyers at Orlando Immigration Law Firm can help you file these petitions and file for permanent residence status.

Whether you’re located in Orlando, Central Florida, Florida State, or elsewhere in the United States, the family immigrations lawyers of Orlando Immigration Law Firm can help you. Contact our law offices today for a free consultation.